Diverse Neighborhoods

Diverse communities—primarily working and middle-class families from varied cultural and racial backgrounds—surround the Westminster Farm.

The architecture in the area includes original Westminster farmhouses and structures from the 1880’s, post-World War II and mid-century modern and articulate-style ranch houses, 1980-90s modern homes, and three-story apartments and condominiums along the main artery of Federal Blvd.

The Westminster Farm and the “big red castle” sit in the middle of these communities, offering the uniqueness of a working farm, where every year wheat and corn is grown and wildlife viewed.

Open Space

The City of Westminster, as a whole, has a recognized Park and Open Space system that has preserved 15% of lands for parks, golf courses, trails, and open space. The reason many have come to call this place home.

Yet in older, less affluent sections of the city, parks and open space is noticeably missing.

Missing Open Space Surrounding Farm Neighbors

To illustrate the need for parks and open space in the older section of the city that surrounds the Westminster Farm just look at the numbers*.

For those living in that part of the city, the historic Westminster Farm has been where they go for fresh air, a view of the mountains, and a few moments to appreciate nature.

The proposed Uplands subdivision, made up of high-density homes and 5-story apartment buildings with "pocket parks", is a disservice to the surrounding communities and harmful to the health and well-being of those that live in the existing communities.

Download Report from Save the Farm on "Westminster New Development and Public Land Dedication Performance--a review of Uplands"