Support Grows for Saving the Farm

Statements of Support

"The people of Westminster are pioneers in the preservation of open space. In 1985, the city became the second municipality in Colorado to vote for an open space tax. One hundred-year-old Westminster Farm is the most beautiful parcel of land in the city still not developed, and it should not be developed. The lottery-funded Great Outdoors Colorado program, and city open space programs like Westminster's, have put a park, trail, open space, or wildlife area in almost every child's backyard over the past 35 years. Our relationship with Nature defines our unique Colorado lifestyle and economy. Preserving Westminster Farm will solidify that relationship, and we will all be happier, healthier, and more prosperous for it."

―John Fielder, Nature Photographer


West View from Westminster Castle, credit John Fielder, from the book Colorado 1870-2000 II

"The land in question is the pride and joy of Westminster. The last piece of our heritage and the last breathing SPACE. The unparalleled views need to be preserved for future generations to enjoy. This high density development will lower the quality of life for all in this area."

Michele Trujillo, Mi Vida Strings LLC.


Mi Vida Strings, LLC

3702 W 72nd Avenue, Westminster CO 80030


"The Front Range is being devoured by growth, much of it senseless and driven by massive profiteering for developers. Protecting the last vestiges of Open Space and Natural Areas is not just environmentally smart, but it saves our souls from also being devoured by mind-numbing sprawl, shopping centers, and the Geography of Nowhere'. "

Gary Wockner, Environmental Activist




"The view from Shaw was the selling point to my family when we decided to relocate here. We love the sunsets, the snow-capped mountain views, and the all around open feel of the farm area."

Matt Walker, Owner Front Range Coffee Company


Front Range Coffee Company

Westminster CO 80031


"I can NOT imagine what traffic will be like on Shaw and Oakwood (two main veins in and out of the neighborhood) with large condos moving it. We also love the country feel of the farm as we dip into our neighborhood."

Lana Cangialsoi, Owner Lana June Health LLC


Lana June Health LLC

Westminster CO 80031


"It is important to remember as we look toward the future, that the natural beauty and relaxation that comes from enjoying it becomes more important as those resources dwindle. Save the farm means, leaving a vista for future generations."

Jordon Dopp , Owner K2KIDD Aerial Cinematography



10500 Irma Dr. Denver Colorado 80233


DiMasi Fabrication

1522 Teller Street, Lakewood, CO 80214