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Rocky Mountain Photo Company [1915-1925?]

1. Westminster Save The Farm Cultural Analysis_CommunityConnectionsLLC.pdf

For the first time ever, a review of the cultural history of the Westminster Farm is available

Community Connections LLC has documented the cultural history of these lands, beginning with the 12,000-year relationship of the Native peoples and their displacement from the land as European settlers arrived in the 1880s.

Archeologists Jessica Saxon and Jasmine Ericson conclude from this study that "The lack of documentation of the historic farmlands, especially the Native Indian context, makes this issue even more urgent. Unfortunately, Oread Capital and Development, who is proposing the Uplands subdivision, has dismissed this cultural history and made a mockery of this important issue through the glaringly exclusive historical timeline on their website that begins in 1890 and only cites European history and intentions for this landscape (Uplands 2021). "

The rolling fields, the big red castle, the sky and the mountain peaks, the downtown skyline... Here is where the city was born. Being the city's namesake, this area is still true to its original landscape from centuries ago.